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Nadlan Group offers the entire cycle for foreign nationals & local investors- education, financing & deals, in 104 languages & with more then 8M web requests a month worldwide.

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Our ethical code

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Integrity is a top value in our company with each and every customer and in general Professionalism is a milestone in real estate over the years.

Environmental data, market prices, average time to sell a property in the area, expected rental income, selling expenses, financing costs, expected return on equity and more. We are committed to providing professional and decent information to the investors.

We will never offer an investment where we won’t invest ourselves.

In every transaction there are risks, per the market price, expected expenses / costs, an empty property without a tenant, long sales time for the local market, associated costs etc. It should be informed that there are no obligations for these data – these are estimates.

New Construction Designed For Florida’s Unique Climate

We started here and we only build homes here. With over 45 years of Florida construction experience, we have continually improved and advanced our construction plans to meet Florida’s unique tropical environment. 

Building Process

Start building the property based on your plan!


Bricks Block Construction

Our houses are built from bricks!


Our Materials

Projects from single-family houses to entire communities


Follow up with Investors

Completed Projects

Carmel Creek, Houston

536 Units Multi Family. $56 Million Purchase Price Value Add Project

Park 45, Houston

180 Units Multi Family. $60 Million Project Budget Value Add Project

Astoria Park, Indianapolis

470 Units Multi Family. $67 Million Purchase Price Value Add Project

Multi Single Fund

350 Units in Jacksonville, FL Purchase of off market deals, management & rentals

New Construction

Lake Placid & Cape Coral Newly built investment & high end properties, Florida

Magenta, Washington DC

37 Units Mixed Use Condos & $19 Million Project Budget New Construction

Keeping the Price Firm

What our Investors & Members Say

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Lake placid was all about retirement homes! Great place for old people who are ready to relax and love lovers to their full intuition. It's a great place to call home, with morals and many belongings that share major parts of history.
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Lake Placid is a great place to live! It is a quiet but quaint town. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family this is it. The schools are all close to town, and offer many opportunities for students. The staff at the local schools truly care for their students. If you enjoy being outdoors there is plenty to do from hiking trails to lakes.
John Doe
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Lake Placid is a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone is welcome. It's a safe place to raise children while also being involved in the community yourself.
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Quiet town that has lots to offer. Quaint downtown, lots of lake activities, 3 small airports, Sebring race trace, family activates. Friendly people all around, everyone says hi to you on the sidewalks, doors are help open for you, just good southern folks! Great place to retire or raise a family, very safe.
About CEO

Lior Lustig

CEO Of Nadlan Group The Largest Us Real Estate Israeli Investors Group

Years of experience

30 Years of technology experience, and 20 years of Real Estate experience


2 sold startups. 3 degrees in Business & Technology. More than 300 Million dollars’ worth of Real Estate projects – Multi Family, Multi Single, Funds & Developments

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Our Executive Team Members

Lior Lustig

CEO & Founder

Nirit Goldman

Customer Relation Manager

Rodelyn Thomas

Financing Director

Brian Swartz

Investment Analyst

Adv. Guy Kleinboim

Legal Consultant & Trustee

CPA Dov Landsman

Tax Advisor & Planner