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Generate Cash Flow With Florida New Construction

Nadlan Group is proud to present the opportunity to purchase high-quality affordable Build-to-Rent Single Family Rental Properties in Central Florida


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The Texas Problem

In Texas, compared to Florida, since it’s a desert, it’s very easy to take a cornfield and start building endlessly.

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Migration from Miami

Many people are leaving Miami, and not because they don't like the area, simply because of the cost of living.

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Migration from New York

361,000 people left New York City and more than 2M left New York State during the pandemic.

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The Opportunity

Nadlan Invest is proud to present the opportunity to acquire Build-to-Rent High-End rental pre-construction rental properties in Lake Placid, South Florida –2:00 hours drive from Miami / 1:30 hours drive from Sarasota.

Rental Units Availability

Rent a house concept Lake Placid has the lowest rental availability units compared to all the towns in the area including Orlando, Fort Myers etc. Only 22 available units as of today which is only 1.8% available houses for rent which creates high demand and higher rents, escpecialy for new construction houses which are way more attractive compared to older houses.


Homeowners Percentage

As for 2022, there were 58,590 housing units in the county.
76.6% of the total houses in the area are owner-occupied which means home prices are stable and there are not a lot of rentals on the market.
From all of the cities around us, we have the lowest rental inventory.
We are the first company to start building Build-for-Rent properties in the area.


Estimated Rents

$1850-$2000 Per Month. Rents increased by 25% in the last 12 months. Hurricane Ian which damaged approximately 1M houses on the west coast, caused a huge migration inland.


Golf Courses

There is a Country Club & Golf Course

Amenities Area

There are planty of amenities in the area

Sebring Raceway




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Top Caladium Capital

Caladium comes with many colors and is one of the most famous flowers in the US and around the world.

It is being used on many holidays, such as Christmas, where all the major stores in the US like Target & Home Depot are flooded with this flower for everyone to purchase.

98 percent of the world’s caladium bulbs come from Lake Placid. There are 14 caladium farms, spanning 1,200 acres, and these plants have been growing in the area since the 1940s. In 2013, Reader’s Digest named Lake Placid America’s Most Interesting Town.

Local Attraction

Town of Murals

There are 47 large murals on the sides of buildings in Lake Placid’s “uptown” area. These have become a tourist attraction.The Welcome Center sells a booklet with a map of the murals that provides specifics about the history that each one depicts, as well as information about the artist(s).

The murals were planned in 1992 by Harriet and Bob Porter and were painted in subsequent years by various artists, most depicting the history of the area. Some feature the trompe-l’œil technique.