• Average: $1,903
  • Median: $1,875
  • Max: $2,079

Rental Agreement

  • Monthly Rent: $2000
  • Deposit: $6000

Snow Birds

Who rents from us?
Locals and snow birds – people coming from the cold areas of NY, Canada etc. and that are willing to rent for 6 months and keep a yearly rent.
Hard working people - Blue & White Collar.
This area is usually 250% overbooked in the summer as for rents.
There are local schools and kinder gardens and they are being developed as more population migrate in.
The local population who likes the country style and fishing boats.
Short Term Rentals.

Rental Units Availability

Rent a house concept Lake Placid has the lowest rental availability units compared to all the towns in the area including Orlando, Fort Myers etc. Only 22 available units as of today which is only 1.8% available houses for rent which creates high demand and higher rents, escpecialy for new construction houses which are way more attractive compared to older houses.