Florida has the highest 1-year price growth due to strong population growth and limited housing supply. Source: Forbes (March 2022)

Migration to Florida

3000 people move to Florida every single day and it’s the Number 1 migration destination in the US as can been seen in the below graph.

People from cold areas like New York & Chicago are constantly moving to the sun belt.

Migration to Different Cities

Moving to the Sun Belt

The Sun Belt states typically offer warm weather and abundant sunshine throughout the year.


The Texas Problem

In Texas, compared to Florida, since it’s a desert, it’s very easy to take a cornfield


Migration from Miami

Many people are leaving Miami, and not because they don’t like the area, simply because of the cost of living.


Migration from New York

361,000 people left New York City and more than 2 million left New York State during the pandemic


Landlord Friendly & Easy Evictions

Speedy Eviction Process

Florida's eviction process is often seen as relatively fast compared to some other states.

Limited Tenant Protections

Florida's landlord-tenant laws tend to provide fewer protections for tenants compared to some other states.

No Rent Control

Florida does not have rent control laws, which means.....

Migration & Building Permits

The area has 3 times the migration compared to building permits. In the graph the blue line represents migration, and the orange line the building permits. As mentioned, 3000 people move to Florida every day, but building permits are hard since it’s a tropical state. There are turtles that need to be moved, blue birds, owls etc.