Our Wholesale Price Per Square Foot

Gold Model

Wholesale Price: $225,000 Overall Built Square Foot: 1152 Price per Square Foot: $195.31


Premium Model

Wholesale Price: $255,000 Square Foot: 1310
Price Per Square Foot: $194.65 Overall Built Square Foot: 1692 Price per Square Foot for Overall Built: $150.70


Pricing & Payment Stages

Gold Model Total Price: $225,000
Payment 1 - Lot: $30,000
Payment 2 - Foundation & Slab: $40,000
Payment 3 - Surrounding: $40,000
Payment 4 - Roof & Framing: $40,000
Payment 5 - Sheetrock & Installed Kitchen: $50,000
Payment 6 - Occupancy Certificate: $25,000

Available Lots

We may have a limited amount of available ready-to-build lots at any given moment. Otherwise there will be a 1-2 months' waiting period for us to purchase and prepare a lot.

Property Management

Available, and with special discounted terms.

Any Rental Restrictions and Short Term (Airbnb)

No Restrictions, and Short Term Rentals are possible.

Buy the lot and start building within 1-2 months. Pay the wholesale price of $225,000 based on the payment plan.

You are getting that price for paying cash. We are ready!

In order to get a New Construction loan of 50% LTV, you need to have a co-sponsor with a new construction background. We can be that sponsor but the property price will be $245,000 for the Gold Model and $279,000 for the Premium Model.

Gold Model Total Price: $245,000

Payment 1 – When the contract is signed – $61,250

Payment 2 – Lot, Foundation & Surrounding – $61,250

When the property is completed we will do the financing for the other 50% of the purchase price.

After the property is ready, you can refinance and get 60% to 80% out based on the market value. Let’s say you got $231,000 out (80% of 289,000), you can now purchase another property and do it all over again – BRRRR!

From time to time we might have ready-made homes for sale. The price for a ready-made home, or a property that is 1-2 months from completion would be $245,000 for the Gold Model and $279,000 for the Premium Model.

As a foreign national you would be able to get a 65% LTV Mortgage so you will need to come up with a 35% deposit to close on a property and we would provide assistance in getting you financed for the rest 65%. (+ closing costs)

Gold Model Total Price: $245,000

Payment 1 – 35% down payment – $85,750

Payment 2 – 65% through a US Mortgage – $159,250

  1. Choose the preferred almost-ready model.
  2. We create a Joint LLC with the investor.
  3. The investor pays 35% of $235,000 for the Gold Model or $269,000 for the Premium Model ($10,000 discount) for almost-ready properties and we become 51%-49% partners so we can get a US Citizen discounted interest rate. The property will be managed by us for 5% monthly.
  4. Once the property is ready we shop for the best mortgage option and finance the rest 65% of the property. We will have a Lien Mortgage Note on the LLC.
  5. We provide constant updates during the building process – pictures and videos.
  6. We hold the property and rent it for 5 years.
  7. We re-finance and get the investor his initial investment back and keep on holding the property for passive income.
  1. Check the properties while they are being built.
  2. Go through the final inspection and occupancy certificate and fix any issues. You get a 1 Year Builder’s Warranty.
  3. Assist all the way until the investors get a key to their property.
  4. Connect the investors to a property manager.
  1. Locate and screen a proper tenant with the property management.
  2. Prepare the lease agreement with the tenant.
  3. Continuously work with the property manager for any issue in the property
  4. Monthly deposit to the investor’s bank account
  5. Quarterly reports to the investors